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What are the fees charged by Battle Hoard for the use of its services?

Individual Re-enactors Sell for FREE

There are no insertion fees or final value fees for individual re-enactors. You only pay if your advert is enhanced in some way.

Final Price Fee Traders

The maximum charge for this fee is 250

0 To 10003.5%
1000 To 10,0002.5%

Note: For more information about what services we can supply your busines please contact us.

Listing Fees

(All sellers including individual re-enactors are liable for these fees.)

  • Home Page Featured Fee: 2.50
  • Bold Item Fee: 1.00
  • Highlighted Item Fee: 1.00
  • Reserve Price Fee: 0.50
  • Extra Category Fee: 1.50
  • Subtitle Fee: 0.10