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How do I sell an item

1. Login and Click on 'Sell an item' in the main menu.
2. Choose a category that best describes the item you wish to sell. You have the option of a second category however there is an extra charge for this.
3. Now you need to fill in the form, choose the options you require. It is important to make sure that if an item needs to be restricted on a group membership basis for example with all curved swords then you must select 'Yes' for this option. You can find a list of restricted items here.
4. At the bottom of the form you will find a section for authenticity, it is here that you can say weither an item is authentic and for what period. You are not required to fill in this part of the form but it will greatly enhance the saleability of your item if you do. Also you can provide information here about the items historical provinence.
5. Now you press the submit button at the bottom of the form, you will now get the chance to view your listing information and go back to make changes if necessary. Once you are happy with everything type in your account password and click submit, your item will now be listed.

Note: Once your item has been purchased please could you leave feedback for the buyer.


How do I upload pictures

1. Click the button 'Upload Pictures' just after the main description input box.
2. You will now see a page or pop up window for the uploading of pictures. Click on the 'Add files' button or drag and drop your images. These images will appear in the upload queue box, now you can click on the 'Upload files' button to upload your files.
3. You should now see your images at the top of the page/window. If you have more than one image for your gallery you may choose which image is default which is displayed on all listings and is used as the main image on your advert page.
4. You may now click the Close button and or return to your sell an item page to continue your action setup.

Note: Please use images under 800k in size and a square image is optimal in proportion, all images are resized so this should not be an issue but avoid images that are more than 900 pixels in width.


Notification emails

You can control what notification emails you receive and how you receive them for your auctions by going to the 'Notification e-mails' section under the selling menu in your control panel.


What do I do after my item is sold?

1. When you have received payment go to your control panel and under the 'Selling ' menu and click 'winners details'.
2. Now find the item you have sold in the list and click 'Set Buyer Paid'
3. Now deliver your product or make arragments for it to be picked up.
4. Please now go back to the 'winners details' page and leave feedback for the buyer.